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Who We Are

Autonomic Systems LLC (ANS) is an Arizona-based company focused on innovating and developing unique systems solutions in the application of heart rate variability (HRV) for athletic performance, lifestyle enhancement, and chronic illness management.

Patent space: Our non-provisional USPTO patent (view here) is part of a substantial portfolio providing innovation for the next generation of wearables -- for alerting people to imminent, real time changes in their physiological condition.

Currently, the company is developing expertise around the application of heart rate variability (HRV) in a way that can provide real-time alerting about changes in a user’s physiological condition. Academic studies have shown that HRV can be applied across many different fields, including allergies, sleep apnea, epilepsy, stress and anxiety, as well as, athletic applications such as the detection of anaerobic threshold. On a clinical level, HRV can be used to alert the user to changes in their health and physiological status. For non-clinical applications, such as during endurance sports, athletes can use HRV to help examine their lactate threshold and other cardiovascular health parameters to help maximize efficiency, performance, and recovery.

Wearable technology has been developed by ANS that can be incorporated into chest straps, patches, garments, and many other variations of wearable devices. Our hardware utilizes ultra-low power components to ensure an extended battery life, and the use of low energy Bluetooth for remote real-time alerting. Proprietary algorithms have been developed to handle special use cases and to tease out the nuances of the HRV output reading.

Our Innovation

"With ANS, the opportunity to address next generation wearable tech and fill unmet needs in personal medical devices provided the impetus to conceive and develop intellectual property and prototypes in these rapidly growing areas.

Recognizing these future needs, we researched and developed foundational concepts for personal, wearable, monitoring technology that provides a platform for reducing the cost of chronic illness care and for delivering highly integrated, personalized feedback for health and wellness. In founding ANS, we own a foundational intellectual property position and a strategic product roadmap for the crossing of technology and healthy living."

- Rodney Kugizaki

We Love What We Do


We believe that ease of connectivity is very important for mobile health (mHealth) devices.

Heart rate variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a very sensitive method of detecting many clinical and non-clinical physiological states.

Real-Time Alerting

HRV waveforms can be parsed via various algorithms to detect deviations from baseline readings, therefore alerting a user through their mobile device when there is a change in their physiological status.

  • Device Prototype

    We developed a HRV calculation engine within a wearable that allows us to detect, analyze and alert, in real-time, potentially life-threatening conditions, thus providing capabilities previously unavailable in the current generation of wearables. A demo device has been developed that fits inside the enclosure of a common athletic chest strap with a final price of less than $100.

  • Intellectual Property Portfolio

    ANS filed a broad provisional patent application in June 2015, followed by a non-provisional application that was granted in March 2017. ANS is presently filing continuations to this patent with the aim of further reinforcing their significant position in the HRV space.

  • Detect Waveform Changes

    Our invention will ultimately provide valuable feedback necessary to detect deviations from baseline waveforms.

    Detect Physiological Changes

    HRV has been shown, in numerous studies, to be capable of the early identification of the onset of many physiological conditions, such as detecting the proximity to anaerobic threshold in athletes, prediction of epileptic events, sleep apnea monitoring, and allergic reaction detection.

    Wellness Applications

    Workplace wellness initiatives, athletics, as well as in high stress occupations such as air traffic control and financial trading are just a few areas that can benefit from HRV monitoring.

We're a team that adores what we do

  • Team Member

    Mike Blake
    Chief Executive Officer

    Mike started studying HRV in 2013 and published a smartphone app aimed at researchers using HRV who needed faster measurements than were offered by the then current range of HRV instruments.

    In 2014 he developed a novel Bluetooth PPG sensor which exhibited ECG accuracy and could thus be used with the app. In 2015 he co-founded ANS.

    Previously Mike has held product development management roles in high technology instrumentation companies.

    Team Member

    Rodney Kugizaki
    Chief Operating Officer

    Rodney has over 35 years of direct experience in technology based product development and manufacturing. He has a proven record of success in start-up through multi-national businesses as an individual contributor, team leader and executive management.

    Team Member

    Dr. Alice Ferng
    Chief Medical Officer

    Alice is an engineer and scientist who is very passionate about MedTech, new technologies, healthcare, and education. She has worked in many clinical translational laboratories over the past 15 years, most recently interacting with cardiac transplant patients while working on cardiac organogenesis (growing hearts in bioreactors), stem cell therapies, and 3D bioprinting. She has experience working with medical apps and devices as a prototyper, designer, and developer.

    Team Member

    Tony Ford
    VP of Business Development

    ​​Tony has more than 25 years experience in business strategy, marketing, and management as a business strategy and marketing consultant for numerous firms in the southwest and for investors via GLG. He serves as Director of Venture Development for Startup Tucson a non-profit that trains and coaches technology startup firms. Tony is also one of the co-founders of the Profit Engineering methodology and holds an MBA in International Business.

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